WARNING: A lot of writing.

This was because Miyobaby has asked to cover what has gone on. This is as far as I know and the sources I could gather.

It started a few days ago. Rumours went around that Kris was taking time off schedule - he wasn’t going to China with the other members due to family visiting, similar stories to that. Rumour then appeared that he was taking legal action against SM, although SM.Ent was quick to deny any knowledge of a lawsuit being filed or any case of legal action.

It was today that it was announced on numerous news sites that "EXO-M’s Kris to be terminating/nullifying contract with SM.Ent." SM soon after confirmed that a lawsuit has been filed - though not what type of lawsuit. It never specified it was termination.

Many people have tried to dig up as much information as possible - some specific ones finding that the lawsuit filed isn’t one to terminate but to look over and request re-establishment of his contract. Something about his civil rights being breached when they shouldn’t have been and he feels it’s out of order. No official statement was released on the type of lawsuit, as said, so we’re at a blank. 

To add - all EXO members have stopped following Kris on Instagram, spare for Baekhyun. Though recently a photo was brought to light when revealed a member of staff messing around on what appeared to be three of the members’ phones. Again, it’s not confirmed. We don’t know. Sehun, Chanyeol and Tao has posted regarding it. Sehun posted a simple picture of a question mark with a confusing and blank ‘…’ for the caption. Chanyeol’s, everyone is unsure about. No one knows whether to take it as a direct and blunt attack on Kris due to the supposed hostility of the caption, or whether it’s a misunderstanding. His photo was of the EXO Overdose Maze symbol, and had a caption that was partially Korean and partially Chinese. He has written a caption which translates to, "reward virtue/good and punish the bad/evil". The reward sentence is in Korean, and the punishment is in Chinese. After that’s gained a lot of questions and suspicions, Tao recently posted a long paragraph explaining that we are the public - we are kept in darkness and do not know about betrayal. That all ‘11 members of EXO’ were fine without this. We do not know if this was posted by them and they are simply feeling sour or betrayed, or whether this is the company requesting/enforcing actions to isolate Kris and turn this on him.

Many have said after being a fan of SM’s groups for an extended period of time, that this is how they work. They turn against the minority, the outspoken. Someone else said this was typical false-colour news, that once we start to doubt relationships between members and their bonds - we are screwed.

After this we have Suho’s statement regarding the lawsuit. No one has confirmation this /was/ in fact Suho or a representative. It stated the company and members have no problems, Kris needs to apologize. Personally I would’ve believed it - but then I got to where he said “Our company and members are fine,” which I hugely doubt. SM.Ent is known for being a brutal, unjust company and for pulling wool over people’s eyes. 

On the other side of this, we also have Kris updating us on Weibo. His last two updates seemed to be on this whole predicament. He reassured us he isn’t leaving and that everyone is in this together. Following about an hour or two ago with a second, telling us he’s being courageous and strong and facing these things head-on.

As well as these things, Onew from SHINee and Seohyun from Girls’ Generation have both unfollowed SMTOWNGlobal on Twitter  as well as a few other artists - which some fans are seeing as a rebellion of sorts, or a notice to let us see they’re on our side and do not agree with the company’s rulings and actions here. 

Luhan recently posted a Weibo update explaining that it’s best for everyone to keep quiet, nothing is allowed to be said and we should wait for it to die down and calm. Then changed his cover photograph to that of a galaxy - that of which fans are believing is a sign of support. 

And Tao just deleted his last two Weibo posts on the whole ordeal. As well as this nice little OT12 apparent notice.

And lastly, SM’s stocks have severely dropped (for a company like theres - and in such short time,) due to this lawsuit arising. (lol in ur face SM u ain’t deservign anywey)

So all in all.

No one knows what to believe. All we can really do is stay strong right now. Pray for Kris. Pray for EXO. Pray for the twelve boys who are just trying to be happy and do what’s best for themselves. Hopefully things will clear up soon and people won’t be too focused on opinions and suspicions that it blinds them to see the truth once it’s announced or discovered some other way. #WeBelieveInYouKris

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